Drone's showreel (always working progress). Thanks to the partners who helps in some of those shoots. The beautiful song is "What Happened to You", from Kevin Matley for the soundtrack of The Cage.

Helicopter's showreel. The Shotover F1 is the only 6 axes gyro-stabilized head in the world. Usually combined with Red Weapon and Fujinon Cabrio ZK 25-300 mm, 1 Tb memory cards, ND-IR optical filters. It is the definitive tool to mount on helicopters and airplanes.

This is sample of my work as aerial DOP, editor and colorist playing with racing drones, high speed cameras, and some more toys.

FPV Racing Pilot: Marc Juanola

High Speed Camera Operator: José M. Salido

77% is a short documentary done as part of the 53rd Scientific Expedition to Antarctica. This piece, directed by Guido Manuilo with original musical score by Carlos Cohl, brings us closer to man’s biggest treasure and raises questions on how humans will face their future.

Client: Mitsubishi

Agency: Peanuts & Monkeys

Production: Greyskull
Director: Alberto Blanco
DOP: Octavio Arias
Producer: Natalia Vargas
Drone pilot: Zoltan Dudas
Drone cameraman: Guido Manuilo
Drone provider: www.dronelab.es

Client: Audi

Director: Albert Uria

DOP: Pablo Clemente

Drone Operator: Guido Manuilo

Camera Operator: Paco Sánchez
Drone Provider: Topcamdrone
Production Service: Garage Films

Client: Audi Media TV Germany

Drone Operator: Guido Manuilo

Camera Operator: Paco Sánchez
Drone Provider: Topcamdrone
Production Service: Sonda Productions

Client: Balearia

Drone Operator: Zoltan Dudas

Camera Operator: Guido Manuilo

Drone Provider: Dronelab

Client: Audi

Director: Kike Mailló
DOP: Rita Noriega
Drone Operator: Guido Manuilo
Camera Operator: Paco Sánchez
Production Service: Producciones Oxígeno

Client: Crèdit Andorrà

Director: Dani Freixas
DOP: Frederic Comí

Drone Operator: Guido Manuilo for Alca Films

Camera Operator: Mario Manso Lorenzo
Production Service: Astronaut 

Sagrada Familia. Barcelona

Calatrava Tower. Montjuïc. Barcelona

Sant Adriá de Besos. Barcelona

Princess Cruise. Barcelona

Agbar Tower. Barcelona

City of Justice. Barcelona

AP-41 Aquiles Ship from Chilean Army in Antarctic Sea

Midtown NYC

Bcn's Port Vell Tilt & Shift 

Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, Antarctica

W Hotel. Barcelona

Eixample Quarter. Barcelona

Drake Passage

Downtown NYC

Mediterranean Sea

Poblenou Quarter. Barcelona

Sarriá Quarter. Barcelona

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