Guido is an award winning photographer whose work focuses on aerial images, action photography and photography direction for Media, Film Production Companies and Ad Agencies.
He was born in 1973, studies photography in Argentina and cinematography at The School for Film and Television, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. He begins his professional career in 1994 as photojournalist. From 2008, he starts to participate in several audiovisual projects as photography director and camera operator.
In 2010 he began to use drones for capture aerial footage. In 2016 he obtained the license as pilot of unmanned aerial vehicles, dedicating his activities mainly to this specialty.
In 2017 the Antarctic Chilean Institute invited him to join the 53ª Antarctic Science Expedition, where he created "77%", a short film made with drones in the white continent, that brings us closer to man’s biggest treasure on earth and raises questions on how humans will face their future. At the same year, Alca Films recruits him as director of their Aerial Operations Department based in Barcelona, Spain.

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2018 Winner, Global Film Awards: "77%"
2018 Winner, Oniros Film Festival: "77%"
2018 Officially Selected, Zagreb Turism Film Festival: "77%"
2018 Officially Selected, Finisterra Arrabida Film Art Festival: "77%"
2018 Officially Selected, Voices of the Waters: "77%"
2018 Officially Selected, Blue2Blue Drone Festival: "77%"
2017 Highly Commended Selected, Madrid Art Film Festival: "77%"
2017 Semi Finalist, Los Angeles Cine Festival: "77%"
2012 Grand Jury Prize Documentos Internos. Ojo de Pez / Barcelona Photo Meeting 2011 Official Selection, Photon’11: “Necro”
2010 Official Selection "Discoveries PhotoEspaña" “Necro”
2003 1st Prize 7th National Competition of Photography and Disability: "Automatico" 2003 Jury's Special Mention Sonimag: "Automatico"
2000 1st Mention Canon Award / Sgo. de Chile
2000 2nd Mention Canon Award / Sgo. de Chile
1996 Jury's Special Mention "Graphic Reporters Association of Argentina" 

Solo Exhibitions

"La línea Invisible" | VIME, Universidad de Santiago | Santiago, Chile | 2018 
"La línea Invisible" | Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral | Santiago, Chile | 2017 
"La línea Invisible" | 8º Festival de las Artes | Valparaiso, Chile | 2017 
"La línea Invisible" | Museo Regional de Magallanes | Punta Arenas, Chile | 2016
“Necro” | Estación Cultural Mapocho | Santiago, Chile | 2014 
“Necro” | Expofoto 2013 | Santiago, Chile | 2013
“Necro” | Antigua Casa Haiku | Barcelona, España | 2009
“Necro” | Fira de Valencia | Valencia, España | 2009 
“Automático” | EFTI, Madrid | 2004 
“Automático” | Universidad Ramón Llull | Barcelona, España | 2004
“Automático” | Espai Francesc Catalá- Roca | Barcelona, España | 2003
“Monsters of Rock” | Much Music | Buenos Aires, Argentina | 1996

Collective Exhibitions

“A cop d’ull. Cultura visual fotográfica reciente en Barcelona | La Virreina Centre de la Imatge | Barcelona, España | 2013
“Biennal de Fotografia Xavier Miserachs” | Girona, España | 2012
“Photon Festival 2011” | Valencia, España | 2011
“Las mejores imágenes del año de Agencia Efe” | Sala Teatro Montoro | Córdoba, España | 2008
“Verás que todo es mentira” | Museo del Chopo | DF, México | 2000
“Verás que todo es mentira” | Centro C. Alameda | Santiago, Chile | 1999
“Verás que todo es mentira” | Filo | Buenos Aires, Argentina | 1998
“Exposición ARGRA” | Palais de Glais | Buenos Aires, Argentina | 1996  

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